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Focus Week

Five Days of Intensely Focused Web App Development

A week of exclusive access, to conceive, prioritize, design and develop a custom-built web application for your business—soup to nuts.

Use your Focus Week to make a business process more efficient, gain a competitive advantage, or realize new potential with a fresh web offering.
Need to tackle a large problem? Simply book consecutive Focus Weeks.
(We'll determine how many before you commit—no surprises.)
Interested in getting Focused? Let us know what you have in mind!
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Branding Bundles

Total Branding Packages: From Strategy to Production

Need an online storefront?
  • Logo Design
  • 8 Hrs Strategy
  • Website Development
    with Dynamic Content
    and Online Store
  • Business Card Design
    + 7500 Printed Cards
  • 1 Year of Web Hosting
    (e-Commerce Package)
    with SSL Certificate
  • Usability Testing with Non-Technical Users
Need to continually freshen your content?
  • Logo Design
  • 4 Hrs Strategy
  • Website Development
    with Dynamic Content
  • Business Card Design
    + 2500 Printed Cards
  • 1 Year of Web Hosting
    (Plus Package)
Need some basic but well-crafted pieces?
  • Logo Design
  • 2 Hrs Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Business Card Design
    + 1000 Printed Cards
  • 1 Year of Web Hosting
    (Basic Package)

A la Carte Menu

Pick and Choose the Right Elements for Your Business

Base Price
(+) Rate/Qty
Premium Website
Quoted as Needed
Quoted Rate /mo (hosting)*
e-Commerce Website
+ $45.00 /mo (hosting)*
Dynamic Website
+ $20.00 /mo (hosting)*
Basic Website
+ $12.50 /mo (hosting)*
Custom Email Campaign
+ $10 /500 recipients/send
Usability Testing Sessions
+ $495 /day
Web Strategy Consulting
+ $90 /hr
Logo Design
+ $75 /hr
Copy Writing
+ $75 /hr
+ $450 /500 pieces
Business Cards
+ $100 /1000 pieces
Misc. Print Design
+ $75 /hr + Printing Costs
* While we prefer to host the sites we create (to ensure technical compatibility), we are able to work on 3rd party servers, in which case you pay the 3rd party's hosting fee, not ours.

Bring your challenge to tID:

The Process of Working with tID:

Listen & Learn

Sit down with tID to talk about your business. By the end of the session, we'll have covered:

Proposed Solution

How can we help? We'll explain—in writing—what we can do to grow your business. You'll also receive a rough timeline and quote for each stage, so you'll know up-front what kind of investment to expect.

You Give the Go-Ahead

Give us the nod and we get rolling. This is also the point at which tID collects the first partial payment.

Design / Develop

tID works its magic to produce a clear, concise, easily-browsable website that effectively communicates your company's message and serves its intended purpose.


Show-and-Tell time! tID will give you a sneak peek of the project. While your input is welcome at any time, we'll explicitly ask for your thoughts and feelings at this point.

Delivery / Launch

Your project is released to the public where it can roam freely, spreading your message to the world and attracting new customers!