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The Image Distillery is Moving to Downtown Green Bay!

July 8th, 2010

The Image Distillery is moving!  The suite in the historic Bellin Building is going to be renovated over the next few weeks… here is a before shot:

The renovation to-do list includes:

  • Tear up carpet
  • Remove vinyl trim
  • Remove cheap built-in shelving
  • Replace doors with frosted-glass originals (if they can be found…)
  • Sand & refinish the underlying (original!) hardwood floors
  • Build & install new hardwood shelving
  • Finish & install hardwood base & door trim
  • Patch dings for a consistent plaster coat
  • Fresh paint throughout

It’s an ambitious schedule for the next few weeks (move-in is slated for August 1st), but the hands-on work will be a welcome change of pace (my tools from my carpenter days have been collecting the wrong kind of dust for far too long).

Also welcome will be an activity-filled downtown environment.  Downtown Green Bay Inc. (who, coincidentally, also moved their offices to the Belling Building a few weeks ago) have been doing a great job of keeping the area bustling with concerts, dining, art displays and general human friendliness.

Being just an elevator ride away from The Daily Buzz will be a constant temptation, but the occasional latte run never hurt anyone, right?!

I look forward to getting to know all my new neighbors, and to the shortened home-to-work commute (just a quick jaunt from one end of the City Deck to the other).

The new address will be 130 E. Walnut Street, Suite 415. If you find yourself in the area, do stop by and say “Hi!”

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Am I Crazy for Loving Downtown Green Bay?

May 28th, 2010

I feel like this is the opposite of what comes to mind for most people when they think of Green Bay, WI:

My family and I have been living in Downtown Green Bay, WI for the past 7-8 months (pictures and video are from my balcony), and the riverside development has changed dramatically over that short time.

When we first moved in, this City Deck project was just getting started, and the riverside was largely a mess of construction mud and chain-link fences. Now it’s a beautiful pedestrian way / entertainment venue.

The lineup of summer activities put together by organizations like Downtown Green Bay, Inc. and On Broadway Inc. should do wonders for the riverside district of Downtown Green Bay.

The Farmers’ Market starts next week, and that will be held on Broadway, just on the other side of the river. Almost every Friday evening this summer features a different performer on City Deck. The Tall Ships Festival is even returning this year, and that’s typically held in Leicht Memorial Park, just north of the Main Street Bridge.

As a young entrepreneur with a budding family, I’m excited to see how how this downtown area continues to develop, both architecturally and socially!

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