The Importance of Asking “Why?”

February 24th, 2010

The feedback I get from my web design clients is very often given in the context of what their industry peers are doing. And, almost as often, when I press them for clarification about why their peers do things that way, I get a blank look in return.

They hadn’t thought about that…

It’s easy, especially in well-established industries, to believe that your predecessors know more than you. If they do something (advertise somewhere, use a particular tool, follow a certain code of conduct, etc.), they must be doing it for a reason, and that’s “good enough for me”.

While this is true for many aspects of most business, great businesses are the ones that know why they do what they do; they’re the ones that take those “because-that’s-how-it’s-done” processes and flip them on their head to better fit the circumstances of today.

Why is “why” important?  Because without it, we can’t be leaders.

Business Design Purpose